About us ??  Its about you  ....

At Smart Kids Kindergarten we have a promise that we make in our hearts to our customers - To love their young ones just as much as they do and to care for them just as much they do.... And we take our promises seriously. The Smart family is a big big family with lots of young foots running around curiously to discover something amusing, to find something to chew on or to wet a nice colorful carpet.... We follow them in their every step and hear their exiting stories and tell them interesting tales and be their best friend and when they fall asleep in their cozy little beds they dream of fascinating animals and birds and butterflies and mommy and daddy and family.... We know how it feels to be a baby... and you can trust us with your child. 

Our educational management selects and frames the best books and curriculum for our Smart Kids so that they stay on top of all other schools in Qatar and meet the educational standards of the world and when they leave us to join their first grades at any school, he/she would  be a star.... We put in great effort to make sure this is the case with every single child that joins our big happy family. Our goal is not to hoard up profit, but to sincerely provide the best education your child can get in Qatar, for a price that is most affordable for you!

And now we have opened our world class State of the Art Kindergarten Facility where we make heroes every day! Join us today and find out for your self!